Anmum Materna Chocolate: The Yummy Way to Enjoy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is never an easy journey. I’m starting to feel nervous again as I have to deal with contractions in just a matter of weeks from now. But I try to enjoy it even if I start to grow bigger each day. I don’t over-indulge, but I do not deprive myself from eating the foods I like. By the way, this second pregnancy is so much different from the first. I’m not craving for sweets or starchy foods anymore. I’m more into spicy foods. I don’t eat too much rice or carbs as well. Bread is enough for me. And a bit of coffee hehe.


But to make sure my baby will be healthy inside, I drink Anmum Materna! I’m in love with their chocolate flavor that I haven’t tried the classic milk flavor. I used to buy Choco Hazelnut before but it’s sad I can’t find that flavor in the drug store. Anyway, I just love, love, love Anmum!


My Health and Fitness Journey Begins Today

Several months ago, I left my corporate job because of health reasons. My cervical illness and extremely low blood pressure (it dropped down from 90/70 to 70/50) are not a laughing matter. I had to take hiatus from the call center world. From the day of my resignation, it took me a month to get my clearance form from the office. It’s surprising how I missed the work environment and my workmates in just a matter of 30 days. What did not surprise me was my friends’ reactions when they saw my body. Yes, I grew bigger.

While working at the call center; and a couple of days before filing my resignation

While working at the call center; and a couple of days before filing my resignation

I am not so sure if you’ll distinguish how I gained extra pounds. Just by looking at my face, you’ll see the difference. Now, I’m way bigger than the photo on the right. I stayed at home for how many months. I indulged on food. I’m a couch potato. And I am not so happy with the aftermaths. There’s something wrong with my lifestyle. I badly want to get fit and become healthy, not just for my self but for my loved ones. I want to spend more time with my son while I’m healthy, young, and capable to move and play around. I’m inspired to do it not tomorrow or the other day or on the start of another year, (my New Year’s resolution to get fit never succeed) but today. Diet and exercise are easier said than done, but I believe that behavioral modification plays a big role towards a healthy and fit me.